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What We Do

To achieve our mission, the Edmonton and Area Land Trust has established a number of specific goals developed through extensive public discussions to guide its operations. The purpose of EALT is to:

  • conserve, protect and restore natural areas of ecological significance in Edmonton and the surrounding area, including water resources, cultural heritage landscapes, natural corridors and appropriate natural interconnections by acquiring or otherwise securing land (including conservation easement agreements) or by funding the acquisition or securement of land (including conservation easement agreements)
  • receive and maintain a fund or funds and apply those funds to secure and manage land and support the educational outreach and operations of the land trust
  • advance environmentally sound stewardship among landowners in the Edmonton area and increase their understanding of the ecological value of natural area systems conservation and stewardship pertaining to the area by, among other things, offering seminars, courses, conferences, meetings and programs in connection with land conservation and stewardship
  • increase the public’s understanding of natural areas conservation in the Edmonton region through communication activities and selected outreach and education programs
  • encourage, conduct and fund research as required for understanding the conservation and stewardship of natural area systems and to support land conservation or securement decisions within the greater Edmonton area and disseminate the results of such research to interested parties.

16% of Edmonton’s Natural Areas have disappeared in the decade between 1995 and 2005