2015 Volunteer Accomplishments

EALT relies on our diverse Volunteer Team to accomplish many of our projects and tasks. Our volunteers bring a wide range of expertise to the table that is truly priceless. But in an attempt to quantify the immense contributions of our volunteers over the past year, we put together the following statistics.

  • In 2015, EALT had 149 active volunteers (48 more than 2014!) who contributed 2,032 hours. That adds up to 254 work days which is the equivalent of EALT having another full-time staff!

Out in the field, accomplishments by EALT’s Volunteer Team included:

  • Over 310 hours dedicated to removing 5 km of barbed wire to modify an existing fence to meet wildlife friendly standards and to entirely remove a hazardous dilapidated fence.
  • Cut and removed 15 bags of black knot fungus to improve ecosystem health.
  • Maintained 11 km of trails to create a safe visitor experience while also minimizing visitor footprint.
  • Over 225 hours devoted to installing 40 new boxes and maintaining a total of 179 nesting and roosting boxes for songbirds, waterfowl, owls, and bats.
  • Launched our very first floating nest platform for the loons on Glory Hills lake.
  • Over 180 hours manually removing invasive weeds in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Installed a permanent wood rail fence, monitored our natural areas and collected species information.
  • 28 hazardous open vertical pipes were covered to prevent birds and other animals from becoming trapped.

Outreach, educational and many “behind the scenes” accomplishments by EALT’s Volunteer Team included:

  • Over 220 hours updating, and developing educational resources and completing thorough literature research for these resources.
  • Over 190 hours dedicated by Board Members to guide operations of EALT to success.
  • Over 160 hours researching and building bee hotels to raise awareness for native pollinators and inspire members of the public to take action for conservation.
  • Spread awareness about EALT’s important conservation work at 5 community events and 2 local businesses.
  • Donated many stunning photographs for EALT outreach, and wrote for local media and EALT’s blog.
  • Supported EALT by producing videos, designing maps for many projects, updating our website, posting news releases, and assisting with IT expertise.

EALT is grateful for every minute our volunteers spare to help EALT in our mission to conserve our natural heritage. You are at the heart of all our accomplishments and we hope you recognize the enormous impact your time has made. Click here to read our full 2015 Volunteer Accomplishments Report.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic Volunteer Team, visit our Volunteer webpage.