Behind Every Great Project is a Great Deal of Community Support

You may have seen or read about a couple of projects EALT recently completed at our Glory Hills Conservation Lands. With the help of our volunteer team, we installed bird and bat boxes and also launched a nesting platform for the loons.

You likely saw the pictures of the amazing volunteers at work in the field, hanging up the boxes on a ladder, or on their tippy toes. And the photos of the volunteers going past the water’s edge trying to free our loon platform from the muck.

What you didn’t see though, is how the community came together in a number of astonishing and humble ways to work to support this project and make it a reality. We are always amazed at the volunteer turnout and enthusiasm to help EALT complete the ground work on these projects and we are forever grateful for their time and efforts. But the contributions don’t start there: before we even recruit our volunteers, the community has been busy setting us up for success.

One of those humble community members is the Wildbird General Store. The Wildbird General Store supplied waterfowl boxes, bat roosting boxes and wood to build the chickadee nest boxes at a considerable discount to us. This store is very conservation minded and is always willing to lend EALT a helping hand. They even sent instructions to their carpenters to make a special order of customized cedar logs to build the loon platform. Thanks to their efforts, putting the platform together was the easy part, and launching it without falling into the muck was the challenge! Thank you Wildbird General Store!

You’re probably wondering, “wood to build chickadee nest boxes…who built them then?” I’m glad you asked! More of the behind the scenes work came from a fearless group of Edmonton area Girl Guides, who volunteered their time at their Guide Friendship Camp to assemble several chickadee nest boxes. They even wrote encouraging messages on each box to welcome the chickadees to their new homes. Thank you very much Girl Guides!

And last but certainly not least, is the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF). TD FEF is a national charity committed to protecting the environment and greening communities across Canada. Their support of this initiative through grant funds made this entire project possible and enabled our community to come together to enhance habitat for the chickadees, bats, and pair of loons at Glory Hills. Thank you TD FEF!