A Blog for EALT's Friends

Working for EALT, I always have amazing experiences when I go to one of our properties. After the day is done, I instantly bombard my husband with these tales the instant I see him. I wish I could share the full extent of my stories with EALT’s friends on a regular basis. But instead, I find myself limited to 140 characters on Twitter, or a few sentences on other social sites.

I know you would enjoy hearing my stories, and stories from our amazing volunteers! We all connect with nature in a special way when we go to EALT’s conserved lands, or outdoors in general.

You could read about us walking through tall grass and nearly stumbling over a vulnerable deer fawn, who was safely hiding from predators. That the excitement that welled up inside me made my hands shake as I took a blurry photo or how my voice shook as I excitedly explained deer behaviour to the volunteers afterwards. And I would love to hear a volunteer’s perspective of the day, someone who had never seen a baby deer before, how powerful of an instance that would be!

or these reasons, EALT has decided to launch this blog which you are reading now. We commit to bringing you exciting tales of staff and volunteers in nature, stories important to our conservation work, and stories from guest bloggers. You will get to know the volunteers that are the heart of EALT and personally get to know the staff, Pam, Rebecca, and me (Steph), as we tell you the stories that we can’t help but share with you.

Although this won’t solve my husband’s problem of being bombarded with my excitement as he walks through the door, it will help spread that excitement so you can truly see the value of your support to EALT. Conserving natural areas for future generations, so everyone can have those powerful connections with nature, and can share similar exciting stories with their friends.

What stories would you like to hear about? Do you see a picture on social media that makes you want to know every detail of that moment? Just ask and we will blog it!