Buzz Click Raaaattttlllleee…What is that Sound?!

We were walking next to Willow Creek, just outside of Edmonton when we began hearing this really loud noise. We looked around and tried to figure out where and what it was coming from. There was buzzing, clicking, and rattling. Steph and I looked at each other baffled; what was going on?

When we got closer to the noise it began to get louder and more intense with faster clicks! I jumped down into the dry creek bed to figure out where the sound was coming from. I got closer and then realized the noise might be a warning from a dangerous insect/animal and I should heed it. Steph and I discussed this briefly and then promptly decided that I didn’t have to worry.

I got up close to the tall grass on the bank and voila! There it was! The culprit that was making loud clicking noises! I moved a little bit of grass and saw this HUGE bug. A black and yellow fly of some kind. Steph came to look as well. We were both thinking, this is so cool! As we discussed what it could be Steph suggested a Cicada and low and behold after a little research it turned out to be a Canadian Cicada.

Cicada sound:

There are many kinds of Cicada. The one we discovered was a Canadian Cicada. There are others like the periodical cicadas that mature only every 13-17 years. They live underground for the entire 13-17 years maturing into their adult form.

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