Canada Lynx Spotlight

Imagine, you’re walking deep into the thick of the forest and all of a sudden you see, what looks like, a very large house cat. You notice that this cat has both a black tipped tail and black tufted ears, a dense grey coat, and big fur covered paws. Exciting news! You’re in the presence of the elusive Canada Lynx that is rarely seen in the wild.

Photo by Gerald Romanchuk

Photo by Gerald Romanchuk

The Canada lynx is a night-hunting Felidae whose population is closely linked to their main prey source – the snowshoe hare. Lynx are not long distance runners, so they use their big eyes and superior hearing to stealthily stalk their prey.  

Thanks to Chelsey Tattrie, EALT Volunteer, we have added the Canada Lynx to our Species Spotlights. Continue reading about the Canada lynx to find out why they are important and how you can help this elusive, wild neighbour.

Thanks to Gerald Romanchuk for the use of his amazing wildlife photographs to assist EALT in raising awareness for our local fauna.