Celebrating at Nature's Nourishment 2015

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be celebrating the securement of our 7th natural area at Nature’s Nourishment on Sunday, September 13th.

Nature’s Nourishment is a 5 course, wine-paired gourmet dinner prepared using local foods and held on an adventure farm just outside Edmonton. The award-winning chef describes each dish as you are served, and where the ingredients came from. It is a great celebration of the land which nourishes us, and its bounty.

At this year’s event, we are celebrating our first ever natural area in Leduc County! Our newest conservation land is a gorgeous area with dramatic topography - straddling an environmentally important creek - where dinosaur tracks have been found. Most of you know this natural area as the Mystery Corridor from our current fundraising campaign.

We will be "solving the mystery" at our 3rd annual Nature's Nourishment. The official name and location of the mystery corridor will be revealed then. To add to the excitement, a local artist will be painting our new natural area 'live' at the event! And to honour its historic conservation values, we plan to have displays related to the dinosaur remains.

Come and celebrate the combination of nature, conservation, a marvelous meal, and communal dining!

Thank you for supporting local conservation!