Connect with Nature, Share Your Story

Recently, the Edmonton Nature Club (ENC) hosted a birding field trip to our Glory Hills Conservation Lands. The group enjoyed their visit, spotting 38 bird species, many wildflowers and numerous bugs and butterflies. They even caught a glimpse of the Great Blue Heron colony nearby. ENC trip leader, Colleen Raymond, wrote a wonderful story, capturing the day’s great adventures. You can read her inspiring story on the ENC blog here.

EALT natural areas are open to low impact recreation activities such as walking, photography, birding and simply enjoying nature. You can get directions to our natural areas, and even find trail maps on our conservation lands pages. So pack up your friends or family, a camera, maybe some binoculars, or just your hiking shoes and get outdoors!

Our natural areas are in the countryside, just outside of Edmonton. These spaces provide a unique experience to enjoy beautiful scenery and many species of wildlife. Go to Glory Hills to watch duck families swimming in the lake and listen to the loons majestic calls. Or head out to Pipestone Creek to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and observe the deer, songbirds and herons.

Whether you enjoy our natural areas alone, with friends and family, or as a group activity, we want to hear about your experience! Send us a story, favourite moment, quotes, or even your pictures and we will share your experience with our supporters, to inspire others to get outside and connect with nature.