Conserving Our Natural Spaces

With your help, a large parcel of native landscape may be conserved forever. The Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area, located south west of Edmonton, is 610 acres of very special native aspen parkland forest, with pockets of white spruce, tamarack, jack pine and wetlands. That’s almost a section of natural area! It provides an important refuge for wildlife in a region experiencing tremendous growth and development.

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EALT is Edmonton’s local conservancy dedicated to conserving natural spaces in and around Edmonton. Because of EALT, an anonymous donor who has pledged $1.5 million on our behalf, and our conservation partner, the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area will continue to provide benefits to people and wildlife for many generations.

You can be part of this vision to conserve the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area. Help EALT conserve natural spaces near your home, including the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area, by making a donation today.