Double the Impact of Your Donation

The Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) is one of EALT’s founding partners, and has been a strong supporter of the Edmonton and Area Land Trust since our inception. ECF recently announced a very exciting opportunity, offering to match any contributions to existing or new endowments for environmental organizations working in the Edmonton area and northern Alberta, up to $200,000. This program will be running until the end of 2018, which means your contributions this year will have double the impact for nature conservation in the Edmonton region!

EALT has several endowment funds held at the ECF, which help support our ongoing work to conserve natural areas for people and for wildlife. Any contribution from now until the end of the year to one of EALT’s current endowment funds will be matched by the Edmonton Community Foundation! This is an exciting opportunity to double the impact of your donation today.

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What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is an investment fund, held by a qualified foundation, such as the Edmonton Community Foundation. The principal is never spent, but the interest that it gains each year helps provide long-term, sustainable funding for non-profits such as EALT.  All donations are eligible for charitable receipts.

Click here to see a list of EALT’s current endowment funds, and to make a donation that will have double the impact!

If you’d like to make an even greater impact, consider starting your own endowment fund. Here are some reasons why we think it’s a good idea:

  • You can leave a precious legacy to be remembered by
  • You can honour or remember a loved one, via an endowment
  • It exemplifies commitment to social responsibility and investment in the future
  • It helps build a solid foundation of support for a cause or place you care about
  • It perpetuates your values and priorities
  • It permits additional gifts at a later time, and family or friends can also add to it

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is privileged to have support from several endowment funds at ECF, which ensure that nature conservation in Edmonton and region will continue long into the future. 

Please consider a contribution!