EALT's Benefit Brew is Launched

Savour the Taste of Nature while supplies last!

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) is delighted to announce that there is an EALT labelled beer available in stores in Alberta! This unique release is the result of Phillips’ Benefit Brew program, where Phillips Brewing & Malting Company creates a beer specially for a non-profit organization, and where the entire proceeds (~$10,000) go to the winning cause – EALT!


EALT was first nominated last fall, and selected by Phillips as one of 10 Albertan NFPs which the community could vote to support. And as a result of the most amazing number of votes by EALT’s volunteers and other supporters, we had the most votes of all the worthy nominees! EALT wants to thank Phillips for this creative charitable initiative.

Pam Wight, Executive Director of EALT, said"This is truly a tremendous win for EALT, for craft beer lovers to enjoy a special beer, and an opportunity for everyone to sample a unique brew – and to keep a souvenir beer label!"

EALT’s brew is an Oatmeal Brown Ale, since we submitted a creative poem centered around the type of beer that would best ‘fit’ with EALT. Why? Because ‘Oatmeal’ conveys the hearty, healthy aspects of experiencing nature; ‘Brown’ is reflected in the land that EALT conserves and stewards; and ‘Ale’ represents the thirst-quenching, satisfying, energy-renewing qualities of nature. It will pour a deep brown colour, with lightly roasted oatmeal aromas, and we feel this Oatmeal Brown Ale will perfectly represent the taste of nature!

Get your own case of the EALT Oatmeal Brown Ale, from Sherbrooke, Wine & Beyond, Keg n Cork, DeVines, Vines, or Little Guy Liquor or the Liquor Depots at: Capilano, McTaggart Ridge, Southgate, Au Clair, Riverbend Square, or the Liquor Barn at Oliver. If you’d like to support EALT and have a collectible souvenir label, be sure to buy yours soon, as it’s only available for a limited time!

Let’s all raise a glass to conservation and to a taste of nature!