EALT’s Kids Nature Kit

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust has developed Kids Nature Kits to encourage children to get outdoors, and connect with nature! These kits provide educational materials to help children learn about local flora and fauna, and the tools to observe them.


Each Nature Kit contains:

  • Wildflowers of Edmonton and Central Alberta (144 page book)

  • Pocket Birds of Canada (296 page book)

  • Animal Tracks of North America (laminated field guide)

  • EALT Butterfly Identification guide (folded brochure on waterproof paper)

  • EALT Bee Identification guide (folded brochure on waterproof paper)

  • EALT Moth Identification guide (folded brochure on waterproof paper)

  • EALT Species at Risk guide (52 pg booklet)

  • Children's binoculars

  • Pond net

  • Dual lens magnifying glass

  • Bug jar with magnifying lid

  • 200 page notebook

  • EALT Kids cotton drawstring bag

While these Kits were designed for children between the ages of 5 and 10, there are items within the kit that appeal to people of all ages! The books and brochures within the Nature Kit provide interesting and useful information to children as well as adults, and can be enjoyed by all family members.

These kits are valued at over $100, but are sold through EALT for $50 CAD.  The Nature Kits for Kids will be available for purchase at:

Using Your Nature Kit:

Here are a few ideas about how you can explore outdoors with the help of a Nature Kit.

Go outside to a park, natural area or even your backyard. Practice your birding skills by using the Pocket Birds of Canada guide and the binoculars, to observe birds in your area! Keep track of which birds you’ve encountered in your notebook by listing observed birds & bird calls that you have heard.

The Bug Jar is a very simple tool that can be used nearly anywhere! You can observe critters that you find in your backyard such as ladybugs, centipedes, or spiders. The bug jar has a magnifying lid that will help you get a closer look at the insects you capture, and a grid at the bottom to help you gauge the true size of the bugs. 

If you're exploring one of EALT's 9 natural areas in the Edmonton region, keep your eyes open for spittlebugs. Spittlebugs are little green froghoppers (relatives of leafhoppers) that live in a white, bubbly foam that is found on plants. The bug chews on the plant, sucking out juices and creating the frothy mass of spittle that it lives inside of. If you find one, you can take a look at it in the bug jar or with the magnifying glass to better see some of their fine details.

Remember to be careful when handling these little organisms & try not to squish them!

Visit a lake or pond, with adult supervision, to try out the pond net. You can use the net to skim the water, collecting some of the floating algae, leaches, minnows, and water beetles. Look for tiny aquatic invertebrates swimming around and fish them out with the pond net. For a better view, use the magnifying glass to see some of the tiny details on these small organisms.

Keep track of all of the plants and critters you have found using the notebook! You can keep a list of organisms, draw pictures, write stories, or even keep a journal of your discoveries.

For more outdoor activities, nature crafts, and nature trivia visit the kids section of our website! You can also visit our website to find more information on EALT's 9 natural areas in the Edmonton regions, including driving directions and trail maps.

These Nature Kits for Kids were made possible through a grant from Telus