Edmonton Prairie Postcards

The landscape of Edmonton's prairies, river and creeks has changed just as dramatically over the last few hundred years as has daily life for its residents. Many natural areas surrounding and within our city have disappeared as the city has grown outward. 

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust recognizes how important places are to people, particularly natural spaces, including river valleys, forest stands and even our own backyards. 

The Prairie Postcards Collection at the University of Alberta includes images of our city, allowing us to see changes that have occurred over time. Some of the views are very recognizable, and we can see dramatic transformations.

What changes will we see if we look back again in another 100 years?

Edmonton in the 19th and 20th Centuries


North Saskatchewan River and Creeks

Pioneers and Homesteads


The Prairie Postcards Collection consists of over 14,000 postcards depicting life on the Canadian Prairies from the late 19th through the mid 20th centuries. The collection is housed at the University of Alberta’s Bruce Peel Special Collections Library and viewable online.

Images license by the University of Alberta Libraries under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Creative Commons license.

Thank you to Louise Dorner, EALT volunteer, for gathering Prairie Postcards for this post.