ENC's Endowment for Nature

EALT is a non-profit conservation organization focusing on Edmonton and area, and is only able to operate with the help of volunteers, funds and donations. We would like to recognize the Edmonton Nature Club (ENC) for their support, and to specially thank them for creating an endowment fund in favour of EALT.

Endowment funds are not like other funds, where the fund itself is spent; they are permanently invested, and their earnings provide ongoing support, in perpetuity. ENC members as well as the general public may contribute directly to this fund through the Edmonton Community Foundation. This well-known and respected institution, will hold and manage the ENC endowment fund, and issue tax receipts for donations. The fund amalgamates donations, both large and small, to help preserve local areas through EALT.

Photo by Betty Fisher

Photo by Betty Fisher

By choosing EALT, the Edmonton Nature Club hopes to counteract the current issue of habitat loss in the Edmonton region. As a proud founding member of EALT, the ENC can be ensured their financial support will be used in the best possible way. EALT guarantees outstanding environmental stewardship, exemplified by receiving the Emerald Award for not-for-profit organizations in 2013.

Ann Carter, the President of the Edmonton Nature Club stated:

"Since the Edmonton Nature Club came into being, back in the 1950’s we’ve certainly seen a lot of changes in the region. As the city expands, stretching into new spaces, the ENC recognizes habitat loss as a major issue impacting nature. This also translates into fewer places for people to embrace the calming effect of nature.

We’re thrilled to be able to support EALT in their work to help preserve local natural areas. Our members will visit EALT properties with friends and family. They will share their knowledge and love of the natural world while listening to warbling bird calls, enjoying the colour of native wildflowers and pointing out butterflies as they flutter by.

Our endowment fund has more than just the value of a donation. It’s a forever link between the ENC and the highly respected EALT. It’s a testament to our hope that nature will be valued and have a place in the landscape of the future."

Photo by Betty Fisher

Photo by Betty Fisher

EALT is not only grateful for the ENC’s great support, but also very impressed by the involvement and actions of individual members. For example, there was a notable selfless deed by one of their younger members, Luke Nelson. We were amazed and delighted when we heard Luke was collecting donations for the ENC endowment, in lieu of 14th birthday gifts. Read his inspiring story here.

Pam Wight, EALT Executive Director, expressed the gratitude of everyone at EALT:

“We are both humbled by the ENC’s confidence in us, and delighted at this very substantial expression of generosity.  It’s a reflection of the ongoing support of EALT by ENC members, through their individual donations and volunteer activities, and it’s a tribute to the future vision of conservation in this region by their leadership. EALT truly thanks them all.”

What will EALT do with money provided by this fund? 
EALT runs primarily on volunteer efforts; dollars are focused on conservation. Funds will support the environmental stewardship of local natural areas to restore or maintain their ecological values, in perpetuity.

Learn more about how to get involved in supporting EALT and opportunities for volunteers. More information on endowment funds can be found on the Edmonton Community Foundation website.