EPCOR Funds Watershed Stewardship at Glory Hills

EALT is extremely grateful to have been awarded a $20,000 grant by EPCOR to fund watershed stewardship at our Glory Hills property. These funds will be used to construct a fence to protect the wetlands, lake, and watershed from damage by off-highway vehicles and cattle. Funds will also support efforts to educate the local community about the importance of environmental stewardship of the watershed.

Glory Hills Conservation Lands is a 110 acre property that was acquired by EALT in 2010. The property has a small lake and a network of wetlands, which are all part of a larger chain of wetlands that helps filter and protect our water supply.

Building this fence is the critical first step in ensuring ecological health of the watershed. The fence will prevent intrusions by off-highway vehicles and cattle, which can cause damage to the lake’s shoreline, wetlands and plant communities by eroding slopes, spreading noxious weeds, and reducing water quality.

EALT staff and volunteers have already invested extensive amounts of time into reducing the extent of noxious weeds throughout the property. Staff and volunteers alike are thrilled we can now construct a fence to protect our investment of time into the restoration of this important habitat. All of these efforts work together to keep the watershed and ecosystem healthy.

Engaging the public through future educational efforts will strengthen the protection of the North Saskatchewan River Basin and increase awareness about the importance of watershed stewardship. You can help too, by sharing our posts and resources regarding watershed stewardship.

Thank you