Extension Gallery Art Show

Penny Dunford is completing the Visual Arts Certificate Program at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. You are invited to view her graduation exhibit, on display at the Extension Gallery in Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Avenue) from November 25 - December 15th. The gallery is open daily from 7 am - 11 pm.  

Penny is generously donating 50% of proceeds from sales of the paintings to EALT. Visit her website to bid on your favourite piece: pennydunfordart.com

Want to meet the artist? Attend the Opening Reception on Friday, November 25 between 5-7 pm for a chance to chat with Penny about her work.

Penny has lived in Edmonton 40 years but is now retiring to the Sunshine Coast in BC. As a thank you to Edmonton, she wants to leave something for a good environmental cause. She has know about EALT's work for many years and felt that the land trust is the best fit for what she wants to do with a direct connection to her show theme.

The show is named “Love your Mother” and the paintings relate to things provided to us by mother earth. Penny is also using environmental slogans in her theme and paintings will be organized into these sub-themes: