Farewell Felysia & Nikki

As the busy summer season comes to a close, we must say farewell and good luck to our 2 summer interns: Felysia Green and Nikki Paskar.

This was Felysia's 2nd summer working for EALT as our Conservation Intern. She was quite busy this summer leading our volunteers in the field and teaching Edmonton's youth how to protect pollinators. Here is what Felysia had to say about the summer:

What an incredible summer this has been! This year I learned so many new skills and practiced many others. I was given leadership roles in a few situations and in taking those responsibilities on, I grew in leaps and bounds! My favorite part of this summer internship was the diversity of the everyday work. Some days I was working with volunteers weeding or winding up barbed wire, other times I was at home working on a Bee Identification Guide (which is hot off the press by the way!), and other days I was presenting to children and teaching them about solitary bees and building bee hotels. I enjoyed being able to get to know all the staff better this summer and loved working alongside our other intern Nikki. I am excited to continue a great relationship with EALT by continuing to volunteer with them in my spare time! Thank you to everyone who contributed to, and encouraged me, this summer and made it my most favorite yet!

Nikki was EALT's first ever Outreach Intern, leading info booth events to build awareness in the community, communicating with EALT followers & volunteers, as well as helping out in the field when needed. Here is what Nikki thought of her 1st summer with EALT:

I can honestly say this has been the best summer. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible organization filled with inspiring mentors and a fiercely dedicated volunteer team. I loved that every day was different; some days were spent in the field, some out at various events around the city, and some were spent working on my writing and communication skills through social media and blog posts. I grew immensely both personally and professionally throughout the summer, and I am leaving with a collection of fond memories, invaluable connections, and even friendship. The highlight of my internship, was having the freedom to be independent and creative. I relished the opportunity to contribute my own ideas to EALT and be able to make those ideas come to life. The task that stands out the most for me was definitely the culinary connections blog post; foraging for stinging nettle, creating a recipe from our cookbook, and writing on the connection with nature that food can offer was wonderful. Overall, being able to throw my energy and passion into a such a worthy organization like EALT has been unbelievably rewarding, and I cannot wait to continue as a volunteer.

Both Felysia and Nikki did an exceptional job of helping EALT further our conservation efforts, during our busiest time of year. The amount of field work and outreach accomplished this summer is a great feat our entire team - staff and volunteers alike - are hugely proud of.

On behalf of the entire EALT staff and volunteer team we wish you both the very best in your studies and your future endeavors. Stay in touch!

Felysia and Nikki's summer internships were funded in part by the Edmonton Community Foundation.