First Conservation Intern!

My name is Felysia, I grew up in Jasper, Ab. I am from a family of six, with two older brothers and a twin sister. In Jasper I spent my time camping, fishing, biking, hiking, and playing sports. I love the outdoors and the ocean.

I spent three of my summers working on the Parks Canada Non-native Vegetation Management crew in Jasper. In short we were called the weed crew. Through this job I learned about invasive species and the methods taken to control and eradicate them. I enjoyed this work as it allowed me to work outdoors and to meet people who had similar interests. We spent our time working in both the front and back country which meant backpacking trips were included so we could tackle invasive plants along the trails.

I graduated from high school in Jasper and moved to Calgary where I began a Bachelor of Science at Ambrose University College. After two years I took a year off. I travelled to Hong Kong for three months and volunteered full time for a non-profit organization called Crossroads Foundation. I was placed as a volunteer coordinator where I worked with 200-300 volunteers a week. I enjoyed this work a lot and learned what it takes to run a non-profit organization.

This past September I began my studies at NAIT where I am currently taking a Biological Sciences Technology Diploma. This diploma is focused on environmental and ecological aspects.

I am super excited to be working for EALT because I love spending time in the outdoors and am passionate about conserving them for the enjoyment and education of others. Likewise I am encouraged that being a conservation intern for EALT relates to the diploma I am taking at NAIT. I will get a lot of hands on experience here at EALT whether it be blog writing, grant applications, or field work all of these skills will guide me in my future endeavors of conservation.

This summer is going to be a blast! I am really excited to meet all of the members of EALT’s Volunteer Team and hear their stories about how they are helping to conserve the environment in the Edmonton area.