Geocaching Adventure

What a crazy time we have had this past week! Steph and I were out every day hiding caches for the geocaching community to find!

Geocaching is a treasure hunt, all over the world, where you use the latitude and longitude coordinates on a Global Positioning System (GPS) or smart phone to find containers that have been hidden. How exciting! These containers include a log book for you to write your name and often trinkets to trade. Once you’ve found the container, signed the log, and traded items, you then return it to where you found it so others can enjoy the experience too. You can also log your find online at

We went to all of our properties to secretly camouflage a bunch of containers! In total, we put out 12 caches at 6 natural areas! The reason why this hunt is so intriguing is because the containers are well hidden and usually in plain sight! Wow! I am so excited for the people who are the first to find these amazing caches!

First, we travelled out to Pipestone Creek near Wetaskiwin. Here we placed three caches of various sizes and shapes. We hiked in a slight ways along the different trails and found some epic hiding places. This treasure hunt will take geocachers to beautiful, photogenic scenery, to find our creatively named and well-hidden caches. The weather was excruciatingly hot this day and Steph and I had to hightail it out of the ‘hiding place’ and then race back to the car to get water and some A/C! I believe the car said 35oC!

The next day we went out to Glory Hills to hide three more caches. We reached out to Patty, the local steward of this beautiful area, to help us hide these containers. Patty helped us stealthily conceal them in intriguing locations. These were a bunch of fun to make, Steph even included some educational resources in them! You can learn about different aspects of environmental stewardship after you make the riveting find!

Monday we decided to take a little adventure out to our Ministik and Hicks natural areas. This was an experience neither of us will likely forget for a while. The rain was coming down quite hard as we were driving out to Ministik. Fortunately, Steph had her truck today so we went 4x4ing on the back roads and stopped the closest we could to the trail head. We hiked in a wildlife camera to set up and a geocache to hide! On the trails we spotted many wood frogs and did a lot of dodging to avoid the ones hopping along the trail!

As we hunted for the spot to hide, we saw many birds, including red-tailed hawks and pelicans! Finally, we found the perfect place that will lead people on a nice hike, or cross-country ski, to in the winter. Steph and I worked on some good hints for this one and came up with the perfect name: Hidden Reflections! You’d have to find it to “get it.”

We headed back out – through the mud – to the highway to continue our geocache adventure at Hicks. We found a few raspberry bushes on our walk into the bush to place our geocache (mmm!). We found a tricky place for you all to find! It has a gorgeous view if you just stop and turn around to admire for a minute. The natural area is so serene and is teeming with wildlife.

Early the next morning we arrived at Golden Ranches. Steph got there earlier than Rebecca and I did and had already hidden the geocache. She asked me to hunt for it without any clues. So I took off searching, looking in the grass and along the fence. I looked high and low hoping to catch a glimpse of this wonderful cache. Finally, after exhausting my options I found it! I did my little celebration dance and yelled out loud! Now I won’t give any spoilers here as that would be cheating! However, I do think it is the perfect place for this cache!

We placed the last caches on Wednesday this week. Yay! We were out at Boisvert for aWind up the Wire event with our amazing volunteers. After lunch we looked for creative caching spots in this area and found 3 incredibly awesome places. We probably did a loop and a half of the trail to make sure we got the best spots. If you’re stumped when you go out there, check out our clues or send us a message for another hint! We are so excited to be done creating and placing these great caches!

So now it’s your turn! Click on this link to go on a geocaching adventure and search for our caches! Do your best to find every single one of them! There could be some interesting surprises that follow each one! We look forward to hearing your experiences and stories about hunting for the dozen. Please take pictures and share them with us! We love to interact and hear about nature!

So what are you waiting for? Get out and find these caches! Enjoy the educational components and connecting with nature!!

Go Wild for Geocaching was made possible with WWF-Canada’s financial and moral support.