Geocaching: An EALT Update


As a kid, do you remember going on treasure hunts? The thrill of adventure coursing through your veins? The pure feeling of victory when you found the treasure? Today, there is a worldwide treasure hunt that exists for all ages called Geocaching! Geocaching is a worldwide game in which players search for containers called geocaches which have been hidden in millions of locations all over the world. If you want to learn how to participate, please read our blog here.

EALT’s Number of Geocaches

Currently, we own and manage 19 geocaches including 4 new ones that were hidden in fall 2018. We’ve found that geocaching attracts new supporters to our land conservation work, who might not have heard of us otherwise.

At the Coates Conservation Land, north of Calmar, we added three geocaches of various sizes for geocachers to find. At Larch Sanctuary, in south Edmonton, we placed one geocache, which was found by a geocacher the same day!


Milestones and EALT

In the Geocaching wold, achieving milestones is prized and treasured. Whether it is your first cache find, being the first to find a cache or your 1000th find, milestones are personal achievements to be celebrated. Last fall, a geocacher visited our Coates Conservation Land to hunt for the new geocaches we had hidden. They were excited to log that our Walking with Dinosaurs geocache was their 5000th find! Congratulations to them and their hard work!


EALT’s Travelling Trackables

Trackables are game pieces of geocaching associated with individual unique codes. These codes allow owners to monitor their trackables’ locations through online geocache logs. Trackables can either stay with their owner or hop from geocache to geocache to fulfill their goals with the help of geocachers. Two of EALT’s trackables have made incredible journeys. A FTF (first-to-find) coin that was activated in summer 2015 has travelled 103,982 kilometers! That is almost 2.6 times the length of the Earth’s circumference! Places it visited include France, California and Ontario. A T-Rex trackable that was activated in fall 2018 has travelled 17,570 kilometers, visiting Saskatchewan and Italy! Keep your eyes peeled while playing. You may just spot one of our trackables!