Found it! Geocaching for Hidden Reflections.

Having only recently returned from a trip to the states and about 7700 km of driving, I wasso ready for a simple walk on a part of the earth that is quiet, simple and green and didn’t involve passing semi trucks on an interstate all day.

While looking for a destination for a hike yesterday, I was actually looking up a couple of other more northernly caches that were hidden during the last Ministik hiking event and noticed this one. Hmm it’s a new cache and in a part of Ministik that would be new to me; that turned it into my goal for a hike this morning.

After parking at that EnerPlus gate I walked the now familiar road, first over to the texas gate and then straight east towards the “new” Conservation Lands (having seen the signs now, I know what to call it). Last time I was here the road was crusted over with ice and snow; today it was pools of water and muck that were the occasional hazards along the way.

After turning south toward the cache I encountered something I haven’t run into yet in my geocaching experience: a grazing cow herd hazard. First I encountered 4 large cows on the road who all got up and started lumbering along the road in front of me, right where I needed to go, leaving little cow land mines all the way I might add. I found out where they were going on the next rise: the whole herd was there, thankfully at a larger meadow along the road. Some of them were getting up and starting to get slowly agitated at the sight of me, mooing and lowing at the perceived threat. I just kept going forward but now off the road in an attempt to flank the herd so that all of them wouldn’t start moving along the road in front of me, making me suddenly an unwilling cattle herder. This flanking move worked: I was able to get around them and move up the road without them getting in front of me.

After that all I had to do was follow the road to the gate and then keep following the road that runs north of the Conservation Lands boundary. When I got close, ground zero became pretty obvious and as advertised I climbed the fence (using the green gate to help out, that way only one step on barbed wire was needed) and made the find quickly.

This was a nicely done cache, one that’s there for a couple of purposes. First, it lures people out to see this new addition to the Ministik and second, well, I’ll leave that to future finders to figure out. The purpose and cache name will become clear once you make the find.

I did take the FTF coin (thanks!) and an extra prize was a munch on some of the juicy raspberries right at ground zero.

Thanks very much for the purposeful cache, a great addition to those already hidden in the Ministik.

By Coolcat21 – Avid Geocacher

“Hidden Reflections” is a geocache that was placed by EALT as a part of the “Go Wild for Geocaching” project made possible by the moral and financial support of WWF-Canada through their Go Wild program.

Thanks to Coolcat21 for sharing your inspiring geocaching adventure with us all!