Mapping Madness


We’ve been experimenting with some new maps and we’re so excited to share them with you! Maps are an important tool to help visualize information, especially in the world of conservation. We use maps for denoting trail systems, monitoring the changes in invasive species over time, marking the locations of our many nest boxes, bee hotels, and bat boxes, and much more! Here are some of the maps we’ve created that we think will be beneficial to you:

Bee Hotel Map

There are bee hotels up all around the Edmonton Region! This map is a visual representation of the impact that our bee hotel project has had on pollinator populations in the city. Do you have a bee hotel that you want to add to our map? Check out our bee hotel monitoring page to submit the approximate location of your hotel and let us know how many tunnels are occupied! Still need to build or buy a bee hotel? Keep your eyes on our events page for upcoming workshops, or visit Meika’s Birdhouse to get your own EALT bee hotel, customized for the bee species in our region (unlike others available for purchase), to put up in your yard or garden.

Conservation Lands Story Map

This is our official photo guestbook, an easy way to share your amazing photos and stories from your adventures at EALT’s conservation lands. Simply click the “Participate” button, upload your photos, and fill out the fields to have your memories added to the map. There are some amazing pictures taken at all of EALT’s lands by local stewards, new visitors, volunteers, and staff and this map is a way for everyone to see and enjoy them! This is also a great way to take a virtual tour of our different conservation lands in and around the city from the comfort of your home.

Conservation Lands Google Map

This map shows the exact location of each of our 10 conservation lands in and around the city! You can use this map to find directions to each natural area via Google Maps - perfect for pulling up driving directions on your smartphone maps app or to estimate travel time and distance.

Larch Sanctuary Self-Guided Tour

Want to learn more about Larch Sanctuary? Take our self-guided tour! We now have a Google Maps version of our Larch Sanctuary Self-Guided tour manual that allows you to get walking directions to each point of interest along the trail system. You can get the interpretive information and the images using this map too, just click on the numbered points!

Pipestone Creek Self-Guided Tour

Get a deeper look at the Pipestone Creek Conservation Lands through our self-guided tour! Pull up this map on your phone to access information about 10 different points of interest along the trail and walking directions to each stop. Pipestone Creek has some beautiful natural features for you to enjoy and we hope that this interpretive tour will point them out and give you more information about them.

We hope that these maps are interesting and useful on your adventures exploring Edmonton's amazing natural areas! Do you have a suggestion for another kind of map that might be useful for EALT volunteers and guests? Send us an email at