Nature's Nourishment

Many of us partake in the nourishment nature has to offer, especially at this time of year: berry season. 

Ripe, tasty raspberries line nature trails by the vine-full. Branches of Saskatoon bushes droop from the burden of the juicy berry crop. Let me take a little weight off for you! Less commonly enjoyed by us, but still just as important for the wildlife are the cranberry crops, high and low, in the forest. And squirrels reap reward on the plentiful nuts produced by beaked hazelnut. The list of nourishment goes on, in much greater detail than I can describe here!

It is a great time of year to attend the Edmonton and Area Land Trust’s mouth-watering fundraising feast: Nature’s Nourishment. This is our 3rd year hosting a 5 course, gourmet dinner at the Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm. Chef Blair Lebsack – of RGE RD Restaurant – picks food fresh from the farm, and sometimes even has his culinary team gathering wild ingredients, such as saskatoons, the evening before our feast.

All local, in-season ingredients are artfully crafted to form 5 delicious courses, plus a bonus appetizer round, each paired with a unique wine! Last year, we enjoyed a salad of freshly picked veggies direct from the farm, served to each table on a slab of wood. Every guest had their smartphone out photographing the unique and exciting experience! It was a defining moment of the evening and a great introduction into the communal dining atmosphere which celebrates the land and its bounty.

We also celebrated our first Sturgeon County securement, Boisvert’s GreenWoods, by inviting Halina Boisvert to be our guest and say a few words about the meaning of this property.

This year we intend to celebrate our first conservation lands in Leduc County, currently called our Mystery Corridor, since it straddles a creek.  We will unveil the name of the natural area for the first time, and provide information about why these lands are unique.

As an added attraction, a well-known local artist will actually be painting our new natural area, before and during the dinner, so it will be a fine opportunity to get to know this special place, as well as see a talented artist at work.

You should join us for Nature’s Nourishment on Sunday, September 13th to enjoy an evening you will never forget. A portion of the ticket sales supports the conservation of natural areas.  Find out more, and get your tickets by clicking here!