What is Your Official "Spring Sign"?

What is your official spring sign? The thing you see or feel that makes spring officially here for you.

Is it the geese flying by everywhere you go: in twos, in threes, in huge flocks?

Is it the beavers emerging from the water at Glory Hills for snacks to avoid eating their least favourite food, alder (or so Rocky says ;)) that was stored strategically to be eaten last?

Or is it the first sighting of a blooming crocus or budding pussy willows?

It is hard to put my finger on my official spring sign. I think it is when, like a switch went off, the entire landscape appears to spring to life with greenery, songbird melodies, and mammals bounding about.

It is always interesting to hear what people use as a gauge to determine when they canofficially embrace spring. Here in Edmonton, one can not be too careful!

Here are some official spring signs I have heard of from friends:

  • combination of sun shine, rubber boots, and spring coats
  • seeing the first gull has returned
  • first rain storm – like an actual rain storm, not one of those retched freezing rain winter storms
  • the “at least two false springs” rule of thumb: 3rd warm spell’s the charm!
  • huge flocks of snow geese and swans passing by

What’s yours?