EALT's Natural Areas - A Place to Connect with Nature

Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature is important for everyone. EALT’s Natural Areas are conserved for this purpose – to benefit everyone. These places are a great destination for escaping busy streets and enjoying time outdoors.

EALT has six natural areas in the Edmonton region. All of our properties are open to the public to explore on foot. Grab your hiking shoes, snow shoes, or cross-country skis and spend a day outside the city, connecting with nature.

Glory Hills is a popular spot for birders who want to glimpse migrating warblers, spy on the neighbouring Great Blue Heron colony, or hear the eerie calls of the nesting loons echo across the lake.

Pipestone Creek is quite popular with photographers. The area offers a plethora of scenic outlooks on the high banks of the creek. A patient photographer is sure to capture a photo of the white-tailed deer that frequent the property.

All of the natural areas are great locations to go for a walk, look for wildlife, or simply escape to connect with nature.

We invite you to visit our Natural Areas. You can find more information about each of our properties on our website. On each property page, you will find a link to a map of directions to get there, and a map of the available walking trails. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy some fresh air!

We will cover each property in more detail in future blog posts, so stay tuned!