Planting for Pollinators

We are happy to announce that Leaf 2 Wing is working with EALT to plant Milkweed and save the Monarch! This projected started when one of our dedicated volunteers, Dave Rose, suggested planting Milkweed on EALT conserved lands because of a personal interest in the initiative to create Monarch habitat.

Dave spent time contacting organizations and collecting information about this native plant. He connected us with Len from Leaf 2 Wing, who was excited to partner with EALT. Len donated Milkweed seeds and lots of Meadow Blazing Star seeds as well, which we planted at our Pipestone Creek natural area in late October. These seeds were acquired from the Edmonton Native Plant Group.

Meadow Blazing Star and Milkweed are both native flowers that are important sources of food for Monarch butterflies. Meadow Blazing Star is a beautiful purple flower that attracts and feeds many pollinators. The flowers’ seeds also make a great meal for songbirds!

Milkweed is a native flower that is crucial for Monarchs. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs ONLY on Milkweed plants and the Monarch’s caterpillars feed exclusively on this plant. Therefore, planting Milkweed at Pipestone Creek will help contribute to the network of sustainable Monarch Butterfly Habitat Stations.

The Monarch is listed as a species of Special Concern in Canada. You can find out more about this beautiful butterfly in our Species at Risk in Alberta Guide. Your children can also learn more about this butterfly in our Children’s Activity Booklet where they can colour the butterfly and solve the migration maze!