5 Reasons Not to Drive Your Quad or Snowmobile on EALT's Natural Areas

1. Many of our properties have been planted with thousands of tree seedlings. These young trees are meant to regenerate previously degraded habitats. Driving over these seedlings with a quad or snowmobile damages or kills the trees and hinders our future forests.

2. Driving up a steep slope forms ruts, causes soil compaction and exposes soils. This leads to a reduction of rain water infiltration into the ground, and increases erosion, stream sedimentation, and flooding. This damage also greatly reduces the scenic value of the area.

3. Quads and snowmobiles carry and spread seeds from invasive weeds, after driving over weeds in other areas. When the seeds are spread into EALT’s natural areas, the weeds will grow and spread quickly, choking out other native plants. This ultimately leads to a reduction in biodiversity, degrading important wildlife foraging and nesting habitat. Our volunteers spend over 100 hours each year removing invasive weeds on our properties; let’s give them a well-deserved break!

4. Frequently trespassing on our natural areas with your off-highway vehicle can lead to habitat fragmentation and increased animal disturbance – scaring all the wildlife away. Our natural areas are meant to be a sanctuary for wild animals.

5. Driving around on our properties considerably increases noise levels and greatly reduces the enjoyment of all the people using our areas respectfully on foot. These visitors are there to connect with nature and are hiking, wildlife watching, snow shoeing or cross-country skiing.

So please stay on designated off-highway vehicle trails, and always seek permission of a landowner before driving on their land. Please respect the Edmonton and Area Land Trust’s properties by accessing the area on foot only. Only allowing foot access helps us conserve these areas for the enjoyment of the region’s residents and for future generations of people and wildlife. Thank you for helping us conserve our natural heritage.