Meet EALT’s SCiP Interns

EALT is a small organization with big goals, and we rely heavily on volunteers to help us achieve those goals. Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, but they have one thing in common – they all want to contribute to protecting wildlife!

Sometimes our volunteers are young biologists trying to get started in their careers. Both EALT and young professionals have benefitted from the SCiP internship program, offered by Volunteer Alberta. SCiP internships allow non-profits such as EALT to expand what we can achieve, while providing valuable work experience to students who are just getting started.

Read on to learn more about the SCiP interns who have helped EALT this past year!

Over the past few months, several SCiP interns helped out with the data entry associated with our field data collection. In 2018, we installed an Automated Recording Unit (ARU), to record bird songs in our newest protected area, the Smith Blackburn Homestead. This device is programmed to turn on  remotely, allowing biologists to sample large amounts of data in remote areas with minimal effort. EALT’s Bird Song Intern stepped in to decipher a sample of the bird songs we recorded.

As the Bird Song Interpreter Intern these past few months, I have gained great valuable experience and was able to use skills gained through my courses at school and through my own passion of wildlife, especially birds. Besides learning different bird calls and songs and delving into the world of noises birds make, I have learnt how to problem solve, work independently, prioritize and finish tasks with time left to spare. The feeling of success that comes from being able to identify a species by call and then confirming with a visual identification, when you’re outside, is fantastic. I am very grateful for this experience the Edmonton and Area Land Trust provided me!
— Megan E.
Megan E.jpg

EALT has a large amount of resources on our website, and we want to ensure that the information available there is accessible to people who are searching for it. Alana helped out by creating graphics about our Kids Nature Activities to post on social media, so that families can find them, and learn how to engage their kids in nature. Read what Alana has to say:

I really enjoyed participating in this SCiP internship! It was a great way for me to use my skills to help EALT promote their fantastic online resources on social media. Working with EALT is always such a positive and rewarding experience!
— Alana T.

Some SCiP internships over the past winter were based on education and outreach. Charlotte, a dedicated social media intern, created educational posts that will be seen by social media users, as well as some educational blogs for those that want more in depth information.

I am so grateful for my internship experience with EALT! I enjoyed writing the weekly Fauna/Flora/Fungi Friday posts and I have learned so much about local Edmonton species and conservation efforts happening all over the country.
— Charlotte C.

Our two Nature Activity interns had a different audience – young kids, and their families who want them to engage in nature. Read what they had to say about their internships:

I had so much fun creating activities to get kids and their families outside enjoying nature. This internship was a great opportunity to take what I have learnt at different education and outreach positions and turn that into fun activities that can be done from home!
— Shawn E.
I really enjoyed making the nature activities, it was a cool experience to connect my creative side to what I have learned about nature through school and outdoor experiences. It was also pretty fun to think like a kid again, as I remembered what I thought was fun to do when I was younger. Although, I still think all the activities I made would be fun to do! I hope they inspire families to connect with Edmonton’s natural areas.
— Claire M.

And finally, one SCiP Internship was a combination of outdoor activities and outreach. Blaire attended numerous events with an EALT Information Booth to tell people all about us and what we do.

Interning with the Edmonton and Area Land Trust has been a great experience. It allowed me to see a different side to Edmonton and connect with individuals who value the environment. I have learned so much through this opportunity and met great people. Although my internship has come to an end, I know my time with EALT has not. Whether it be through volunteering or simply through walking the trails, I plan to remain connected.
— Blaire K.

We’re grateful for the SCiP program that provides great opportunities for students to gain experience, and supports non-profits such as EALT. Learn more about SCiP here, or subscribe to our volunteer Newsletter (remember to check the box) to hear about upcoming EALT opportunities, including SCiP internships.

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