A Simple Thing

Being tasked with providing a bird feeder for my grandchildren, I secured an octagonal feeder, a fancy crook, and a bag of black sunflower seeds.

Upon our next visit, I told my granddaughter that Grandma had a feeder for the birds.  She was so excited and helped to carry it into the backyard.

Dad put in the crook, Grandma filled the feeder, and granddaughter hung it on the crook.


I explained that it would take some time for the birds to find the feeder because they don’t know it is here.  Lo and behold the next morning, at breakfast, a house sparrow was on the feeder.

My granddaughter was so excited – as any two year old would be: “Grandma – bird, seed, feeder, Grandma, bird.”

Within a week I got an email with photos attached and a phone call from an excited two year old saying “Grandma yellow bird, feeder”.

I checked out the picture, and sure enough, two American Goldfinches were on the new feeder and below them were two Brewer’s Blackbirds.  I told my granddaughter she must have good bird karma.

This was such a simple undertaking and yet such pleasure for both of us.  I am sure many more of these great moments are in my future.

By Marg Reine, EALT Volunteer and past Board Chair.