Suet Wreath Fail

Last week, I posted a video about making your very own Bird Seed Ornaments. The recipe is now tried and true, and feeding the birds in my backyard, in festive style.

What you don’t know, is how I got to making seed ornaments. It all began with a recipe I found on Pinterest, to make a Suet Wreath for our feathered friends.

“What a great idea for a video blog!” I thought. I gathered all the ingredients, plus even picked some mountain ash berries to make it my own and video recorded each step, to make a DIY video to post for you.

I even had comic relief in the video, thanks to my trusty sidekick:

I ended up with a beautiful wreath, hung it up on the bird feeder hook in my backyard and took a 5 second video of it hanging triumphantly.

Seconds after turning off my video, large chunks crumbled off the top of the wreath, onto the ground.

Thankfully, I had left my trusty sidekick inside, so she didn’t have the opportunity to scarf down the lard, peanut butter, and seed concoction before I could clean it up.

The important thing is that the wreath fell apart right away, so I didn’t post the recipe for you to make the same mistake! Maybe next year, I will try a different recipe and share it with you.

Merry Christmas everyone!