Thank You for Conserving the Mystery Corridor!

Thank you to everyone who fundraised, donated, and shared our campaign, Conserving the Mystery Corridor. With all of your support together, we raised $10,195! Thank you for being a part of this success!

Thank you for contributing to the conservation of our newest natural area. The funds have already been hard at work, allowing staff to record 124 species of plants and animals. This includes everything from crayfish in the creek, to willows the moose munch on, to red-tailed hawks soaring through the sky.

We have also traced the trail with a GPS and will post the maps for foot access once our webpage for the natural area is up and running. Conservation signs are currently being designed to be installed in the near future.

The field work enabled this summer – through your contributions to this special fundraising campaign – allows EALT to develop a Baseline Documentation Report which will lead to the Conservation Management Plan to help protect the area in perpetuity. Some of the main threats that will be addressed in the plan include noxious weeds and off-highway vehicle-caused erosion, near the creek.

We have also been looking into exciting facts about the dinosaur remains found in the creek.

A special thank you goes to our fundraisers who created personal pages to help us recruit conservation dollars. Our top 4 fundraisers, including all of their offline pledges, are:
1. Marg Reine ($2,500)
2. Steph Weizenbach ($1,410)
3. Pam Wight ($1,330)
4. Rebecca Ellis ($505)

And thank you to Kevin Stewart and Felysia Green for their great fundraising efforts as well. We appreciate your time and dedication to conservation!

Conservation is a community effort, and we definitely feel like we have the support of our community!