Unique Bachelor Party

Every year we receive requests from many types of groups to do volunteer work - from companies wanting to do an employee volunteer day, to schools wanting a day of nature education for their students. This year we had our very first bachelor party!

In partnership with Clarke Ecoscience and Sustainability, Matt and his buddies came to our Boisvert's GreenWoods conservation lands to plant some native wildflower species, including Canada goldenrod.

I thought we had a unique opportunity to create a tiny bit of good in the world given we were a big group gathering for an exciting occasion. It wouldn’t take much from us to make a small contribution to our environment. The goal was to stimulate some discussion and awareness about what we can all do to make our world a better place through our every day actions. Huge thanks to Rebecca and Michael for their support and enthusiasm!
— Matt

EALT and our volunteers work hard to steward all our conservation lands, to make sure they continue to be important places for wildlife and people. This can include removing old barbed wire fences, installing nest boxes, removing weeds, and of course planting trees or other native plant species.

When Matt contacted us to inquire about planting native plants as part of his bachelor party it seemed like a natural fit to partner with the Edmonton Area Land Trust to increase the native plant biodiversity at Boisvert, one of their wonderful conservation areas. Native insects and animals co-evolved with these plants and so it’s vitally important that native plants are both conserved and/or restored to areas where they naturally occur so they can continue to support the ecological landscape.
— Andrea and Michael, Clarke Ecoscience and Sustainability

Huge thanks and congratulations to Matt!