Visiting Boisvert's GreenWoods

Visiting our Boisvert's GreenWoods conservation site just got a bit easier, thanks to the help of an outstanding volunteer, Jamie McQuarrie. With a few extra hands from staff and volunteers, Jamie led the installation of a short wood fence to expand the parking area at this site. A handy pedestrian V gate makes it easy for you to enter the area on foot and hike the short 1.5 km loop trail through the forest.

This beautiful 80 acre natural area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, moose, other small mammals and many birds. We frequently hear or see pileated woodpeckers, western wood-pewees, white-throated sparrows and even northern saw-whet owls here. 

We welcome you to come visit Boisvert's GreenWoods any time of year. Click here for guidelines for visiting our conservation lands to make your visit enjoyable and to help protect these sensitive natural areas.