Volunteer to Visit 10 in 10

It's our 10th Anniversary, and we're planning to visit 10 of our conservation lands with volunteers. Will you join us this year?

Volunteer Recruitment Words 2.png

Volunteering with EALT has many benefits: contributing to conservation in a tangible way, developing your skills, adding experience to your resume, being outdoors, meeting like-minded people, and more! We also have many ways to volunteer, including in the field on our conservation lands, representing EALT at events to build awareness, and working on writing or publications from the comfort of your home. Read our Volunteer Manual for more information about how you can contribute, or see how much of an impact volunteers made in 2017 in our Volunteer Story Map.

Becoming a volunteer is very easy! Simply sign up to receive our monthly volunteer newsletter, where you'll get the inside scoop about what's happening at EALT. This monthly email includes information about various ways you can get involved with and support EALT. If something interests you, follow the instructions to register or contact an EALT staff person to get involved.

This year we're very happy to be able to give volunteers an added bonus - a sleek hat with our logo.

Sign up for our monthly Volunteer newsletter at the bottom of this page, and check out our Events page to see what we have in store for you in 2018.


Thank You!

From Kory, Pam and Rebecca