Volunteer Team’s Immense Impact in 2014

EALT relies on our diverse Volunteer Team to accomplish many of our projects and tasks. Our volunteers bring a wide range of expertise to the table that is truly priceless. But in an attempt to quantify the immense contributions of our volunteers over the past year, we bring you the following statistics:

  • In 2014, 101 volunteers contributed over 1,300 hours to EALT, valued at over $19,500.

Out in the field accomplishments by EALT’s Volunteer Team included:

  • Removal of 9.5 km of barbed wire to ensure 235 hectares (582 acres) of conserved lands are safe passageways for wildlife on the move.
  • 181 hours dedicated to removing invasive weeds to conserve biodiversity and improve nesting and foraging habitat for wild animals.
  • Documentation of 347 plant and animal species at our newest conserved lands: Boisvert’s GreenWoods
  • 103 hours of donated expertise to collect information about plant and animal species on our properties as well as collecting crucial information related to the ecological significance of properties being assessed as future donations to EALT.
  • A whopping 338 hours dedicated to maintaining trails, monitoring our properties for vandalism, and a multitude of other important stewardship tasks.

Outreach, educational and many “behind the scenes” accomplishments by EALT’s Volunteer Team included:

  • Spread awareness about EALT’s important conservation work at 9 community events throughout the year.
  • Completion of numerous research and database projects to assist EALT in making advancements in data management and outreach.
  • Developed a Children’s Activity Booklet, Butterfly ID Guide, and collected information for other educational resources. U of A students alone, dedicated 140 hours on research and educational projects through the Community Service-Learning program.
  • Supported EALT with IT expertise, updating our website, fixing glitches, posting news releases, producing videos, and designing updated resources for our website, such as property maps.
  • 190 hours dedicated by Board Members to guide the operations of EALT to success.

EALT Volunteers: we are forever grateful for every minute you spare to help EALT in our mission to conserve our natural heritage. You are at the heart of all of our accomplishments and we hope you recognize the enormous impact your time has made. Thank you.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic Volunteer Team, visit our volunteer webpage.