Welcome Summer Interns

Welcome Summer Interns!

This summer our team has grown to include two summer interns, Felysia Green and Nikki Paskar. You will see both Felysia and Nikki out at community events and in the field this summer, assisting EALT in our mission to protect natural areas in the local region.

Felysia is EALT’s Conservation Intern, focusing slightly more on our conservation lands; while Nikki is our Outreach and Education Intern and will be more involved in our community outreach activities.  Both Felysia and Nikki are enrolled in the Environmental and Conservation Sciences program at the U of A, and hope to gain valuable skills from their summer internships.

Felysia joined us as our very first Conservation Intern in 2015, and liked it so much, returned for a second summer.

I am so excited to be a part of EALT again! I am looking forward to working with the volunteers again and to be out on the properties seeing wildlife. I am excited to gain more experience in the conservation sector and learn more about the conservation world. Can’t wait to see what adventures come this summer!

Nikki is joining us as our very first Outreach and Education Intern, and is excited for a summer with EALT.

I am most excited by the opportunity to further immerse myself in this community of like-minded people; Edmonton and the surrounding area has an incredible group of dedicated, caring individuals, and I look forward to connecting with them in a new way through this position. I think this internship will allow me to transform my ideas and passion for conservation into tangible action, and I hope to diversify my skills and experience in the process.

Welcome, Felysia and Nikki, we are happy to have you on our team for the busy summer season!

Thank you to the Edmonton Community Foundation for helping fund these internship positions.