Welcome Summer Interns!

We’re so excited to welcome our two new interns, Cassandra and Alana, to the team for the busy season ahead! They will be helping us with a variety of projects including creating new resources for virtual and in person visitors to our conservation lands, coordinating special events for our 10th Anniversary, completing baseline surveys of two new conservation lands, including the Lu Carbyn Nature Sanctuary and another upcoming securement near Elk Island National Park, and hosting information booths and bee hotel workshops in the local community to raise awareness about the work that we do.

Group Photo.JPG

Cassandra Brooke is joining us as the Stewardship Assistant for a six-month term. She will be focusing on stewardship of our conservation lands, including baseline surveys and reports of new conservation lands, monitoring, and implementing management activities such as installing nest boxes or controlling invasive plants.

Cassandra at GR 2018.jpg
“I’m so happy and excited to be with the Edmonton and Area Land Trust for the next 6 months! From weeding to bird house placing to data collection, this summer will be filled with fun, adventures, and hard work. I can’t wait to connect with others throughout Edmonton that share a passion for wildlife and the environment. I hope to see you at one of our events!”
— Cassandra Brooke

Alana Tollenaar is returning as the Conservation Outreach Intern for her second summer with EALT. She will be assisting with multiple field work events and supporting outreach initiatives through our social media, website, and at numerous community events.

Alana Individual Photo.JPG
“I’m so glad to be back! I learned a lot being out in the field with EALT last summer, so this year I hope to build upon that knowledge and develop some new skills as well. I’m really looking forward to connecting with Edmontonians about local land conservation at farmer’s markets, bee hotel workshops, volunteer outings, and other special events!”
— Alana Tollenaar

We’re looking forward to a successful season of conservation in the Edmonton Region with our dedicated staff and volunteer team!