Welcome to our New Interns!

As we have said so many times before, EALT wouldn’t be able to accomplish the work we do without our amazing volunteers AND interns. Throughout the years, we have been very lucky to connect with many special people who help make EALT thrive.

This year we are happy to welcome three more of those people.  Shawny Eckert, Rannee Liu and Cassie Breton have accepted internships as our Social Media, Conservation Science Communications and Bird Data Collection Interns, respectively. These partnerships were made possible through the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP).

SCiP internships are meaningful, skill-based opportunities providing mutual benefit to both non-profit organizations and post-secondary students. SCiP students gain skills, experience, and networks, along with a $1,000 bursary, and organizations receive dedicated time from skilled volunteers so they can better achieve their missions. EALT has greatly benefited from this program.

Enough about internships and programs, let’s meet our new interns!

IMG_1578 (1).jpeg

Shawny Eckert is our Social Media Intern. Shawny has always been interested in working with EALT because of her passion about conservation in the Edmonton area. She feels lucky to know that we have natural areas and knows that conservation projects will ensure these areas will remain for generations to come. This internship allows her to share her love of nature through fun posts that aim to educate and encourage people to get outside! Her responsibilities include researching over 25 species of plants, birds, reptiles or mammals, and curating them into EALT’s #FaunaFriday or #FloraFriday posts and also writing Fun Facts blogs.

When asked what her favourite place in Edmonton was, Shawny said, “...[it] would have to be Hawrelak Park. I have many memories of exploring there as a kid, and I still enjoy going for walks there now.”


rannee liu.jpg

Rannee Liu is our Conservation Science Communication Intern. Rannee has always been fascinated with learning about the natural world and conservation, so having this internship means that she can learn about these fascinating topics and share that knowledge with others. She is excited that this position will deepen her knowledge in her field, while improving her writing skills. Her responsibilities will be researching conservation topics and writing several fact sheets and blog posts about them. which will help EALT communicate conservation science principles to the public.  

When asked what her favourite place in Edmonton was, Rannee said “...the Wedgewood Ravine. It is a gem on the west side of the city with a scenic walking trail, and this location accounts for some of my most memorable wildlife sightings inside the city, including foxes, coyotes, beavers and great horned owls. There is even a community Facebook group for it!”


cassie breton.jpg

Cassie Breton is our Bird Data Collection Intern. Cassie wanted this position so she could become more familiar with local bird sounds. She often walks her dog through Edmonton’s parks and trails, and being able to identify the feathered friends around her enhances those experiences. She also enjoys working with data.  Her responsibilities include listening to recordings collected using an Acoustic Recording Unit (ARU), at a new EALT conservation area. She will then identify what bird species were recorded, and will include them in a Baseline Data Report for the conservation area.

When asked what her favourite place in Edmonton was, Cassie said, “...Whitemud Creek Ravine! Even though it is in the middle of the city it really feels like you are escaping the urban landscape and getting away to enjoy nature. There are such awesome trails and it is a great place to see (and hear) tons of birds and other wildlife!”

Welcome Shawny, Rannee and Cassie!