Why Name a Brew After You?

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust needs YOUR VOTE to raise $10,000 for nature! We’re competing in the Benefit Brew to win the proceeds of a special brew named in honour of the winning charity. So vote now, and every day until Nov 16, to support the conservation of natural areas for future generations of people and wildlife. 

Why Name a Brew after You?
We saw the Phillips Brewing Co. has a youthful, fresh feel (and so do the names of their beer!). So to give their “history” some zest, they wrote a poem in the form of a limerick. It begins:

There once was a brewer named Matt,
Whose passion for beer was unmatched,
He dreamed of a day,
He’d make beers his own way,
And the plan for a brewery was hatched.

You can read more of this limerick on their website.

In EALT’s nomination for the Benefit Brew, we thought we’d echo this youthful spirit – and creativity will out! The result was the following limerick poem, and we hope you’ll all enjoy it and be inspired to vote!

EALT’s Oatmeal Brown Ale
Something so wonderful as LAND
Might at first seem a little bit bland
But people here knew
Nature’s value is true
So they partnered to give land a hand

EALT is our name for short
We have great community support
YEG is the place
We conserve nature’s space
Our volunteers never fall short

Nature’s the name of our game
Conservation is our aim
From the birds and the bees
To the plants and the trees
This region’s wild lands now have fame

We all need nature to exist
If gone, it would truly be missed
But thankfully so
We need feel no more woe
Since EALT is now in our midst

Our mission is like a craft beer
Commitment to quality’s clear
Like craft brews we’re small
But that is not all
We help people, birds, frogs, trees and deer

Because of the land we conserve
And the people and wildlife we serve
We’re an Oatmeal Brown Ale
Shout our name out for sale
This Benefit Brew, we deserve