Winding up the Wire for Wildlife

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust was busy this summer hosting Wind up the Wire volunteer days to complete a Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project. This is one of the many field season projects that EALT volunteers make possible.

This important stewardship project involved modifying fences to make them wildlife friendly, and in some cases, removing fence wire altogether. Many barbed wire fences are too high from the ground for young, old, or panicked deer to jump over without becoming entangled and potentially trapped. In many cases, the bottom wire is also too low to the ground for a young deer to crawl under the fence without being cut by the barbs.

The amount of wire removed from our Glory Hills, Golden Ranches, and Ministik natural areas this year equals a grand total of 9.5 km! A huge thank you goes to the 24 volunteers who donated nearly 200 hours collectively to make our natural areas safe for wild animals.

Volunteers are truly at the heart of all of EALT’s accomplishments. If you would like to volunteer to make a difference with EALT, sign up to receive our monthly volunteer opportunities here.

This project was financially supported by the Alberta Conservation Association.