Winter Tracking Volunteer Day

On Wednesday, third of February, was the second Winter Wildlife Tracking day of the year.  Stephanie, EALT’s Outreach Coordinator, and Robert, EALT’s Intern, welcomed a group of seven volunteers including Roxy Hastings, a photographer who did his best at capturing scenic views and wildlife on camera. We were blessed with a brilliant sunny day at just under 0°C and had no trouble with deep snow.

Stephanie led the way with her beautiful, very energetic, six month old lab named Willow. They led the group right through the heart of the Boisvert’s GreenWoods forest, using the 1.5 km long hiking trail. We saw many signs of wildlife, the most common ones being cavities pecked into snags by woodpeckers and deer trails in the snow. We came across the leftovers of a squirrel-pinecone-feast and various wildlife droppings. There were also a few stripped pieces of bark all around young trees, most likely the result of a buck rubbing its antlers.

The highlight of the day was definitely the sighting of a great horned owl, which most of us got a good look at before it flew away with mighty flaps. Members of the group enjoyed searching for the hidden geocaches in Boisvert’s GreenWoods and successfully found all of them.

After a short break with cookies and juice the group headed back onto the property and installed three new nest boxes, Wrensidence, House of Blues (Birds) and Swallow Shack. Everybody really enjoyed the Winter Wildlife Tracking day with such magnificent weather in the beautiful forest of Boisvert’s Greenwoods and can’t wait for the next volunteer days of the year to come.

By Robert Brundage, EALT's Volunteer Conservation Intern