Animal Charades

A fun game to get active and use your imagination! Charades is a game where one person or group acts something out, and the others have to guess what they are acting.

What You'll Need

  • At least 2 people (but the more the merrier!)
  • An active imagination
  • This list of animals
  • Scissors
  • A hat or bowl

What to Do

  1. Print off the list of animals and cut out each animal name along the dotted lines and place in the hat or bowl.
  2. Each person playing will take turns choosing an animal out of the hat. Without showing the other players, the player will look at the animal they have chosen and then act it out.
  3. The other players have to try to guess what animal is being acted out.
  4. Once the other players have guessed the animal correctly, the next person gets to choose an animal out of the hat and the game continues.

Ways to make the game more challenging:

  • You aren't allowed to make any sounds while you act out the animals.
  • Playing animal charades in the car.
  • Having a time limit for the actor to act out the animal and for the guessers to guess what animal it is (for example, you only have 30 seconds to guess what animal is being acted out).
  • Play for points. Each time someone guesses the animal correctly, they get a point. Record it on a sheet. The person with the most points wins. Any ties will be broken by playing rock paper scissors.

Ask Yourself

  • What was your favourite animal to act out? What about your least favourite?
  • Were there any that you didn't know how to act like?
  • Was it harder to guess the animal if you weren't allowed to make sounds?