Animal Yoga

Learning to connect with nature is an awesome thing to do! This activity teaches the importance of being calm and helps to create connections with individual animals of the world

What You’ll Need

  • You and your friends or family

  • A large area outside or inside, big enough for everyone to move around

  • Yoga mat (optional)


What To Do

  1. Go outside, or stay inside if the weather is bad and there is enough space. Have everyone form a loose circle to allow for movement.

  2. Have each person think of an animal, and create a held pose based on the animal they chose. For example, lying down and twisting the body to look like a snake. You can also look up resources online for animal poses here, or here, or here.

  3. For extra fun have everyone guess what animal you are trying to model.

porcupine_Heidi Schuyt.jpg

Ask Yourself

  • Why did you pick the animal you did?

  • What poses did you like or not like? Why?

  • Think about how different animals move in different ways.