Making a Wildlife-Friendly Yard

Is your backyard safe for wildlife? Whether you live in an urban or a rural area, this activity will show you what is safe in your backyard and what is not, and how you can make it more safe for your family and the wildlife who visit you.

What You’ll Need:

What to Do:

  1. Print off a copy of the Wildlife-Friendly Yard Checklist
  2. Gather the other materials you will need (pen/pencil, clipboard)
  3. Go out to your yard, and go through the Hazards Checklist to see how safe your backyard is for wildlife!
  4. Talk to your parents about what activities you could do together to make your yard more wildlife friendly.

Ask Yourself:

  • What is one thing I learned about wildlife safety today?
  • What is one thing that my family and I can to do make our backyard more safe?
  • What is a bee hotel?
  • Were there any pollinators in my yard?
  • What kind of wild animals visit my yard?