Bug Shake

Bugs are everywhere, but sometimes it's hard to find them. Try this simple activity to see what bugs you can find.



  • White or light coloured backdrop: sheet, pillow case, paper, paper towel
  • Bug jar or magnifying glass (optional)
  • Bug identification book (optional)


  1. Place your white backdrop next to a shrub, tree, or plant.
  2. Shake the plant gently to make bugs fall off.
  3. Look at the bugs that you found. Use a bug jar or magnifying glass to look at them closely.
  4. When you're finished looking at the bugs, gently roll them onto the ground or back onto the plant.

Ask Yourself

  • What types of bugs fell off your plant? Can you identify any of them?
  • What happens to bugs in the winter?
  • What are some examples of bugs that are important to people?