Build a Chickadee Nest Box

Some birds are cavity nesting species, which means that they prefer to build their nests inside of holes in trees. Many of these types of birds will also use a nest box for their nest, including the common black-capped chickadee. You can build your own nest box for your backyard with the help of an adult.

Supplies and Tools


  1. With the help of an adult, cut pieces of wood for your chickadee nest box according to these blueprints.
  2. Use your drill to screw the pieces of the nest box together. Always pre-drill your holes to prevent the wood from splitting.
  3. Install your chickadee nest box in your backyard on a tree branch.

Ask Yourself

  • How do chickadees and other bird species find places to nest in nature? Hint: read our factsheet about snags.

  • What other birds nest in cavities, or use nest boxes?

  • Do any mammals use nest boxes?
  • Could an animal use a nest box for anything other than making a nest or raising their young? 

Parent Notes

  • This activity requires assistance from an adult. For a shortcut, you can also purchase a nest box kit from local stores, such as the Wildbird General Store.

  • Click here for more information about nest boxes.