Build an Animal Fort

Make your own fort or other structure using natural building materials for a fun day outside! Think about what other animals make their own forts or homes using parts of trees and other plants.

What You'll Need

  • A great imagination
  • Trees, logs, sticks
  • Moss, leaves, other plant debris
  • Rocks
  • Rope (optional)
  • Buckets (optional)
  • Pocket knife (optional; only if parent supervision is high)

What to Do

  1. Find a forest, a treed place, or other natural area where there are lots of trees and other building materials for your fort.
  2. Search for various sizes of sticks, rocks, and other plants that you can use to construct your own personal nature fort.
  3. Start to build your fort! You could try leaning sticks against live trees, or against each other in a teepee shape. Use your imagination to make your nature fort as unique and fun as you can!

Ask Yourself

  • What animals make forts or homes for themselves?
  • What adaptations do these animals have to make their own fort?
  • Was there a material that worked better than others?
  • What did you do to make sure your fort was stable?

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