Cardboard Tube Binoculars

Watching animals no matter the weather is fun! Use this activity to create your own pair of binoculars to watch the world with! 

Photo by  CasparGirl

Photo by CasparGirl

What You’ll Need

  • 2 cardboard bathroom tissue tubes

  • 1 sheet felt, any color you would like

  • Scissors

  • White craft glue

  • Craft foam to match your felt

  • 6 rubber bands

  • 40” piece of twine or yarn

  • Pen

Photo by Alice Keeler

Photo by Alice Keeler

What To Do

  1. Lay the felt on a flat surface with the design side down and cut it in half. Please ask for help with cutting as scissors are sharp!

  2. Place glue on one end of the felt and place the tube on the glued felt end. Continue to glue the felt and roll up the tube as you go. Trim off any excess felt. Repeat with the other tube.

  3. Cut a ¾”-wide piece of craft foam long enough to go around the tube’s end. Apply glue to the felt and press the foam piece around the tube lining the seams of the felt and the craft foam together. Repeat with the other tube.

  4. Repeat the above step but with ½”-wide foam pieces instead for the other ends of the tubes.

  5. Secure the foam pieces with rubber bands wrapped around the tube ends.

  6. Place the two tubes side-by-side with the seams touching. Wrap another rubber band around the two tubes to keep them together.

  7. Using a pen, poke a hole in the side of the tube about ½” below the ½” foam piece end. Thread one end of the twine from outside the hole to inside. Double knot the twine inside the tube and cut off any excess twine from the knot. Pull the twine until it is tight and repeat for the other tube.

  8. Apply glue generously between the two tubes on top, flip the tubes over and repeat for the bottom side.

  9. Let this craft dry for several hours or overnight before removing the rubber bands and using the binoculars.

Photo by jill, jellidonut... whatever

Photo by jill, jellidonut... whatever

Ask Yourself

  • What colors did you pick for the binoculars?

  • What animals can you spot with your binoculars?

  • What happens if you close one eye while looking through the binoculars?