DIY Natural Winter Garland

Looking for a festive decoration? Would you like to bring a little bit of nature inside? Making your own nature garland out of twigs, berries, and leaves is a great way to bring the beauty of winter inside!

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

What You’ll Need

  • String or twine

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Clippers (if you’d like to trim a tree branch, shrub, or plant in your yard)

  • Natural items: twigs, bunches of berries, large leaves, pine cones, spruce boughs, or any other piece of nature you’d like to include on your garland

What To Do

  1. Decide how long you would like to make your garland. Measure out the desired length of twine and have an adult cut the twine. Remember the longer the twine, the more items you’ll need and the heavier the garland will be.

  2. Bundle up, pick a place to explore, and go outside. It could be your own backyard!

  3. Look around for small twigs, bunches of berries, pine cones, spruce trees to snip a bough from, or other items to include in your garland.

  4. Once you’ve collected enough items to hang on the twine, you can go back inside to start assembling the garland!

  5. Tie the twine around each item (or group them in small bunches if you’d like) and knot it to be sure the items are secure.

  6. Once all your items are secure, decide where you’d like to hang the garland. You can use an existing nail, or just tie each end of the string around a railing post or something similar.

  7. Enjoy your creation!

Photo by Donna Godsell on Unsplash

Photo by Donna Godsell on Unsplash

Ask Yourself

  • What item in your garland is your favorite? Why?

  • Were your items difficult to find in the snow? Would it have been easier without snow?

  • How do you think it’s different being a small animal versus a large animal in the Winter? What about one that can fly versus one that travels on land?