Flower Petal Paper

Making paper is fun and easy to do! In the summer there are an abundance of wildflowers and gardens are in full bloom. With your parents help, you can collect some flower petals from your garden to make your own beautiful homemade flower petal paper! 



What You’ll Need

  • Ripped up pieces of paper (experiment with different types)

  • Blender

  • Large container

  • Rolling Pin

  • Mesh tray (available at craft supply stores) 

  • Tea towels 

  • Flower petals 

What to Do

  • Rip your paper into small pieces and saturate them with water.

  • Blend the paper in a blender until it is pulpy.

  • Pour the paper mush into a container that is big enough to fit the mesh tray.

  • Add your flower petals and mix them in with the pulp.

  • Use the mesh tray to scoop up some pulp from the water. Try and make sure the pulp covers the mesh frame evenly.

  • In one smooth movement, dump the pulp out from the frame onto a tea towel.

  • Use a rolling pin to press out the excess water.

  • Let it dry overnight.

  • You now have your own homemade paper! 


Ask Yourself

  • What else could I add to the mixture to decorate the paper?

  • Where can I place the wet paper so it dries quickly? 

  • What different colours and textures of paper can I use?

Blog post written by Shawn Eckert, SCiP intern.